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1 Assistant Professor, Faculty Member of Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute, Iran.

2 Department of physical education and sport science, faculty of Alzahra, khorasan razavi branch, technical and vocational University (tvu),Mashhad ,Iran

3 Sports Centre, Imam Reza International University, Iran

4 Ph.D candidate Sport management, Faculty of Sports Sciences,Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


Today, the world is facing a very serious crisis of coronavirus outbreak and home quarantine. Home quarantine caused by the outbreak of coronavirus has various effects on the physical and psychological dimensions of society. The aim of this study was modeling the effect of coronavirus outbreak on public health and community health. The present study was an applied research in terms of nature and from the aspect of data analysis method is descriptive-exploratory that data collection was done in the field. The statistical population included an unlimited number of all sports directors, sports teachers and professors, sports coaches, sports producers, sports service providers, sports referees, athletes, sports equipment sellers and sports media activists in Iran Country, that 600 samples answered to questionnaire of 18 items. The face validity was confirmed by 12 experts. In order to evaluate the reliability of internal consistency and its stability, Cronbach's alpha index was used in a pilot study (including 30 people) that the alpha value for the whole questionnaire was 0.898. In order to analyze the research data, using descriptive statistical methods and then, in the inferential statistics section, via the exploratory factor analysis test method, the structure of the general factors was determined. finally, path analysis was modeled by structural equation modeling and according to the results of the exploratory model. All statistical analyzes were performed through SPSS 24 and Amos statistical software. Findings of factor analysis showed that, the public health and community health was affected by COVID-19 (p-value=0.001).