Document Type : Original Article


1 Sport sciences research institute, Tehran, Iran.

2 Islamic Azad University, Ayatollah Amoli Branch

3 Jahrom university


The purpose of the present study was to analysis of sports interests and physical activity and also motivators and barriers among Iranian students. This study is a quantitative as well as descriptive survey. The statistical population consists of all male and female students of public universities across the country and applying cluster sampling, 574 students from 12 universities were selected as the research sample. Findings of this study showed that almost half of the Females had no history of sports activity, while for males, the figure was 21%. Furthermore, male and female students tend to be similar in the number of times they exercise per week, and slightly less than 50% of students tend to exercise three days a week and a quarter of students tend to exercise two days a week. Among the twenty priorities of sports among Females and males, 13 sports were common, which include "volleyball, bodybuilding, swimming, cycling, soccer, table tennis, motorcycling, badminton, mountain climbing, chess, equestrian, basketball and self-defense". Findings showed that female students are more interested in emerging sports. Studies on the physical activity also showed that female students had worrying levels of physical activity and inactivity. In addition, generally, it can be said that the type of interests and motivations of students in sports is changing. In this regard, by creating the necessary mechanisms, sports should be strengthened in accordance with the principles, culture and Islamic civilization of Iran, as well as compatible with these interests and motivations of students.